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State-of-the-art infrastructure and exclusive academic campus

The School’s spacious and digitally equipped classrooms are arranged with vibrant colours and child arts which may provide a marvellous learning environment for the child. It is equipped with modern teaching and learning technologies and other teaching aids. And the spacious grounds are attractively landscaped with carefully selected trees, bushes and flowering plants, creating a welcoming environment and providing pleasant meeting places for pupils during breaks.

Digital Classrooms

St. Anthony’s endorses digitally equipped classrooms as the next generation learning method that help in Motivating and sustaining student interest

  • Providing Self –paced practise
  • Promoting Collaborative Learning
  • Developing Critical Thinking skills
  • Reinforcing Learning
  • Simplifying difficult and abstract subject and concepts
  • Assisting Formative Assessment
  • Creating High-interest learning environment

Robotics Lab

In order to unearth the hidden skills in the areas of science and computing and to mould the engineers of tomorrow, St. Anthony’s has a well-equipped Robotic Lab providing the students with ample opportunities to explore their true selves.

For a 21st century student, hands-on science learning is a necessity and not an option. Our students need to be prepared for jobs that don’t yet exist. That’s why a problem-solving and innovative mindset is essential. We need to equip the next generation for what’s to come, so that they can keep up with the demands of our ever changing world. If students generate their own ideas in a studentcentered classroom, they need the freedom to be physically active in the search for scientific knowledge. How can students begin to understand the nature of the world in which they live if they do not engage with it? Physical explorations not only make the concepts more tangible but also appeal to students’ diverse learning styles. If students are physically involved, they are more apt to be mentally engaged.

Our world-class programs transform traditional classrooms, communicating science and technology concepts using attention-grabbing, interactive learning styles. Through a structured curriculum, Think LABS shapes a truly holistic educational experience, one that both fortifies and seamlessly integrates with the existing school curriculum.

Developing Skills for the future

Educational programmes of St. Anthony’s help students to become flexible thinkers who are able to question existing thinking, adapt and creatively meet the demands of the future.

Students are provided with opportunities to develop their Information and Communications Technology skills and expand their horizons through enquiry, exploration and decision making in order to excel in the present, whilst helping to shape the future.

Modern and Scientific Learning Environment

St. Anthony’s imparts education through a series of exploratory methods such as personal mastery, system thinking, mental models, shared vision and team learning.

Encyclopedia Brittannica E-learning Zone and E-Library : St Anthony’s is providing various sorts of e-learning facilities in collaboration with Encyclopedia Brittannica E-learning Zone. It enhances the students with advanced levels of learning through e-learning and e-library which accelerates the interest of the pupil’s knowledge-oriented reading.

Information Park : Well-equipped resource library with electronic documentation which is airy, spacious and well resourced, filled with collection of informative and entertaining books which is really a bank of knowledge.

Software Park: We provide a well-furnished computer lab with an array of instruments for the child to experiment and learn more things about modern technologies.

Technology Park : The academic facilities at St. Anthony’s are designed to include well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Mathematics which make the learning activity experimental and child centred.

Maths Lab : St Anthony’s has a both activity centred and child centred mathematical laboratory proving the students with an opportunity to understand the basic mathematical concept and to discover their aptitude in mathematics.

English Language Lab : This English medium school is so happy to provide the students with an English Language Lab to help the learners to use the technology effectively for the improvement of their linguistic and communicative skills. It facilitates the students with proper accent, pronunciation, stress, intonation etc and has a decisive role in shaping an English speaking community within the campus.

Maths Lab

English Language Lab

Biology Lab

Chemistry Lab

Physics lab

Science Lab

Computer Lab


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