St Anthony's Sr. Sec. School, Fatehgarh Estesd 1977


St Anthony Fatehgarh

St. Anthony’s is an educational institution with a record of excellence for the last 40 years. The academic and non-academic achievements of Anthonians have placed the school amongst the foremost educational institutions in the state. The School intends to shape every student into a wholesome personality ensuring good character, genuine love for humanity and service to fellow men as well as developing qualities of leadership, independent thinking and courageous adherence to principles. Hence, at St. Anthony’s, we endeavour to give our students an initiation towards an all-round development of their intellectual, physical and aesthetic endowments.

It was the vision and foresight of Rev. Fr. Kuruvilla Kokatt, the founder Manager of St. Anthony’s, which led to the birth of St. Anthony’s in 1977. It has grown from the humble store house of a cold storage in Farrukahabad to the present lovely surroundings in the Cantonment his vision and hard work continues to guide St. Anthony’s. It was the desire of the founder to contribute to the nation building through the formation of young minds. He still remains the main motivating force behind the achievements of St. Anthony’s.