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Principal's Message

Formation of a student is the work of many - parents, teachers and the school management. Blending of these three brings an effective result in the formation of the student. This handbook is a medium to bring student, parents, teachers and the school management together for the overall development of the child.

This handbook is meant to be used by the students to record their school activities and home work; hence students should see that they make proper use of it. Besides this, it serves as an effective Link between the Management/teachers and the parents. Parents are requested to go through the handbook from time to time, so as to keep themselves informed about the quality of work attempted by their children. Notes between the parents and teachers about the student’s progress can conveniently be exchanged through the pages provided for in the handbook. All entries made by the parents in the handbook must pertain only to the student’s conducts and work. No criticism of the teaching methods or the conditions at home should be entered into the pages of this hand-book. Such criticism, if any, may be conveyed in a separate letter addressed to the Principal.

The students are expected to bring the handbook every day to School. Care should be taken to keep it neat and clean.

“The most important thing you can give to the children, more important than any material thing you might be concerned about, is a sense of self-confidence.”

About Principal

Rev. Fr. Shiju George is a man of discipline and character with both administrative and teaching credentials. He has been impeccably rendering his service to the society being at the helm of school management for a long span of time. He being an excellent exemplar in leadership and teaching skills stands for standards-based reform shaping a vision of academic success in today’s rapidly changing era. He is an effective and enthusiastic leader with excellent organizational and decision making skills who to the fullest extent puts the needs of the school before himself.

Fr. Shiju George

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