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Patron's Message

St. Anthony Of Padua

The Patron Of The School

The School is named after St. Anthony of Padua, a Franciscan friar and preacher. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Anthony joined the Augustinian Canons Regular, as a young man. In 1220, inspired by his strong desire to be a Missionary, he transferred to the Friars Minor and sailed for North Africa. Forced to return to Europe due to ill health, he Arrived in Italy in 1221 and was assigned to the province of the Romanga, a region in which heretical groups were very active.

Anthony’s exceptional skills as a preacher and scholar quickly brought him into prominence and he was granted permission by Francis of Assisi to teach theology to the friars.

Anthony died at Padua in 1231, where a great popular devotion to him sprang up; he was made a saint less than a year after his death. Numerous miracles were attributed to him, and he enjoys to this day the reputation as a wonder worker. His concern for the poor is recalled in the practice of St. Anthony’s Bread, contributions from which are devoted to the relief of the needy.

Our School is truly proud to have such an illustrious patron-a scholar and a lover of humanity. May St. Anthony help us to live the values he cherished most: love for knowledge and love for the poor.

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