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Manager's Message

Presently ‘Corona’ is a word that has managed to enter the minds of most of the people. The normal daily activities of most of us have come to a standstill due to this virus. Children long to meet their buddies, chat during intervals, share their tiffins, play in the grounds and of course attend the classes. This virus which is almost invisible to human eyes has brought the world to a standstill. After a brief moment of confusion, the first to bounce back was the education sector which introduced online classes thereby bringing the teachers and children to a single platform. After initial difficulties of lockdown, people started getting adjusted with the new way of life doing almost all the work from home itself.

But one thing which everyone noticed, be it online classes, working for home or any other works was that there was something lacking in all these. That was ‘personal touch’ or in other words ‘an interpersonal relationship’. The food that we consume daily gave us physical growth, and the inputs from online facilities gave intellectual growth, but the emotional growth was possible only from a contact with one another. The more children are glued to mobiles, computers and other gadgets, they fail to face the realities and struggles of life.

On a positive note, mother nature seems to recover from the evils human beings have meted out to it and on a lesser positive note, human beings are on to social media more than ever. Every calamity which man has to face has proved again and again that man is a social animal and needs the help of one another in his/her daily life. When COVID – 19 spread around the world, it was not science that helped man but humanity. When children boasted of internet as a source of education and knowledge, the corona season proved that teachers were a must to impart quality knowledge and not social media. We may acquire many things through the use of Science, technology and other gadgets. But our holistic growth depends on our relation with other humans. All the people who tried to do their bit for the eradication of the virus were termed as ‘Corona Warriors’. Corona will definitely go, but let us remain as warriors of Humanity.

I wish and pray that Anthonians may grow beyond the boundaries of caste, creed, religion and linguistic boundaries to be citizens contributing to the growth of the country. I dream of a day when Anthonians will be known as ‘Warriors of Humanity’.

All the very best for the release of the magazine, Anthonian. I also appreciate all those who have contributed through their talents, efforts and ideas especially the teacher and student editors. Special word of appreciation to the Principal Fr. Shiju and Vice Principal Fr. Melbin for the success of this magazine.

God Bless all of you.

Fr. Santhosh Celestine

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