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School Fee

1. St. Anthony’s Senior Sec. School receives no government or private aid and fees realised from students is the only source of revenue. To keep up with the rising costs and salary, fees have to be adjusted from time to time.

2. Fees will be collected in 4 instalments for quarters consisting of 3 months at school counter and Axis bank Farrukhabad.

3. Fee are collected for the:

S.No. Session Date
1 Ist quarter from 10th to 25th April
2 IIst quarter from 10th to 25th July
3 IIIst quarter from 10th to 25th October
4 IVst quarter from 10th to 25th January

4. Those who do not pay fees by those dates will be charged a fine of Rs. 50/- per term.

5. Parents will kindly keep the receipt issued to them in proof of payment, if needed. Examination & Promotion.

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